Hunter Boots

I have been wanting these Hunter boots for ever! When I got 10% discount from Urban Outfitters, I definitely had to use it! Urban Outfitters carry the Hunter boots so this was a clear choice for me! I ordered them and was looking forward to wear them so much! After the day they  arrived it started raining here in San Francisco so I could wear them right away! It was raining for few days so they came really at the right time.

This week it was rainy and gloomy outside and I really wanted just to stay home in a warm place. However, I have to work on many final projects and we are having team meetings like every day. I can’t believe that it is gonna Christmas so soon! Time is running so fast since I came to San Francisco. I booked the flight ticket this week to go back home for Christmas. The prices of flights are so expensive.. but I am excited to spend holidays with my family. I hope there is gonna be snow in my country! That makes Christmas so magic!

I will try to be more active on my blog, but school keeps me very busy lately. I am excited for this upcoming week! My boyfriend’s parents are coming to the town and I am gonna be helping cooking Thanksgiving dinner! It will be my first proper Thanksgiving! Can’t wait for that! Do you have some exciting plans for Thanksgiving?

Wearing: Hunter Boots / Sincerely Jules Sweatshirt / Zara jacket

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Saturday in Marina

Saturday was a great day. We went to our second monthly English bulldog meet up at Crissy Field. This time it was sunny and just a little windy in comparison to the last time. We arrived a little bit late and didn’t get to see all 44 bulldogs that were attending the event. But still, it was so much fun! Who doesn’t love cuddling with puppies?? And especially with bulldog puppies? That’s heaven for me!

I love the Marina neighborhood, where is the Crissy Field located. On the beach and the grassy area there are dogs everywhere! Is it a great place to hang out for all dog lovers. If it wasn’t kinda far from our place, I would be there every day. It is also great place for jogging or bike riding. There are many people working out and you really can see that San Francisco is a city of a healthy lifestyle.

After the meet up we went to the Chestnut Street to get a late lunch. We walked through a beautiful neighborhood where I could definitely imagine myself to live. It was very clean, with very lovely houses and close to the Crissy Field. It was my first time at Chestnut Street and I have to say I was in awe! Such a lively place with bars, restaurants, cupcakes places and cute little shops. We stopped in a grooming place to get Max’s nails clipped. They had a bulldog in the shopping window waiting to get picked by his owner. I really don’t know how I felt about seeing that dog like that. I felt kinda sad for him even though he was just waiting there. I guess it is normal here  in America, but definitely something you don’t see much in Europe!

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Bulldog’s love

I love all kinds of dogs but since I met Max, I fell in love with the bulldog’s breed. I never met a bulldog for about 22 years of my life. I just saw one on the TV show Jake and the Fatman or on the picture next to Winston Churchill. So when my boyfriend told me he got a puppy of an English bulldog I was like WHAT? However, since I met Max, my point of view changed. Here are some points that make bulldogs so special:

Walking. Max doesn’t enjoy going for long walks. In the morning, he just pees on a tree next to our place and right after he is hurrying back home. In the afternoon we take him to a grassy area in our neighborhood. And again.. after he is done he is almost running back home because he knows he will get a snack. So basically, walking a bulldog will take you only 15 minutes of your time.

Sleeping. Bulldogs love taking naps. Max spends like 60% of his day sleeping. In the time between naps he watches me in the kitchen when I cook and hopes that something falls to the floor. At night, after all day of sleeping he wakes up to his playful “beast “ mood that is sometimes annoying. But it doesn’t take too long till he falls asleep again.

Snoring. Yes, Max snores. Sometimes it is so laud that you think he is sleeping right next to you, but in fact he sleeps in the other room. If it is not bearable, I have to go shake with him and he stops or turns to different, less annoying sound. He is literally like a human.

Eating. Max loves to eat. If you say a word “snackie” in front of him, he gets totally crazy and won’t stop till he gets one. When we eat, he turns into a white shark. He is always around and tries very hard to get a bite too.

Care. Bulldogs have a lot of skin problems because of their wrinkles. I have to clean Max’s wrinkles everyday with baby wipes. He is not enjoying it much, but he got used to it already. He knows, that he gets a snackie after.

 Living with a bulldog is funny. Max wants to do everything that people do. He has to be every time and everywhere around. It is sometimes hard to explain him that he is a dog and he can’t eat our food, sleep in the bed and be on the couch. It is hard especially because he is looking so cute and innocent at you. And also, he gives the best Eskimo kisses!

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Autumn in Cali

November is here and it still doesn’t feel like that. I come from central Europe where November is super cold, gloomy and rainy. Everyday when I wake up I am expecting the weather to be like that but it is still so warm and sunny here. I have to admit that sometimes I miss those days when you just wanna stay home and stay cozy under a blanket.

I have been craving this poncho slash cardigan for very long time. Every time I went to Urban Outfitters I tried it but never was sure if I should get it. It is unisex size that seemed to  me to be too long for my body height. However, after long time of hesitating and online researching, I decided to buy it. And I am glad I did! Currently, I am all about ponchos, oversized sweaters, big scarfs,  hats and boots.

Every time when I find a store that I really like, I am addicted to its website and I wanna buy like all the products they have. However, with my budget, I have to be very convinced that I love the piece that I want to buy. Nowadays, I am searching through Urban Outfitters and Free people website like all the time. Urban Outfitters is a little bit cheaper option to Free people, but the pieces from Free people are so unique and interesting. I wish there was a Free people store in San Francisco. It is very hard to pick the right pieces from their website. Their products are kinda expensive so I really want to go right with my purchase.

Since I got my Luis Vuitton bag this summer, I don’t wear any other. It was a graduation present from my parents that they brought me from Venice. When I saw the box from the bag I  started freaking out. I was crying from happiness and was so thankful. My parents didn’t understand how anyone can be so happy from a bag, but I am sure your reaction would be the same. Also, as a graduation present  I got to choose a Pandora bracelet. I wear it only occasionally because I am so bad in fastening the bracelet. Do you have some pieces in your wardrobe that you are proud of?

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Happy home

Finding a nice, price affordable and dog friendly apartment in San Francisco is very challenging. When I first saw the advertisement of our place, I wasn’t thrilled about it at all. The apartment set up was nothing I have imagined and the furniture was super old and ugly. However, the location was amazing and the price was kinda okay for San Francisco. Luckily the landlord took all the stuff away and I was able to decorate the place by myself.

As a student, my budget was limited but I still wanted to make my new home a nice place. Most of the furniture and home accessories we got in IKEA, of course! It has been long hours picking up the right pieces and matching it all together. Also, we went to Marshalls to get some home stuff like pictures, throws and kitchen stuff . I have been looking for chevron pillow covers everywhere and finally found bunch of them on

Before I came to San Francisco, I spent some time in Phoenix with my boyfriend’s family. Me and his super talented mom were working on some DIY projects. We painted the birch stool from IKEA yellow and it looks so adorable now! Also, we took old bar stools, cut them, painted and made little cute table and nightstands. To get stuff for wall decoration, we went to the Hooby Lobby. It is huge store with all the stuff for DIY. We bought some fabric that we put into the frames from IKEA. I am proud of the decoration that hangs over the table. I painted the cork panels, put fabric on them and made this way a pin board.

Recently, I came across with a scratching wold map that I thought would be a perfect present for my boyfriend, because he loves traveling as much as I do. It is fun to scratch and to see all the countries that you have been to.  It also looks really good on the wall!





A6I love my computer case that my boyfriend’s mom made for me! I found similar items on but they were like 40$. I just picked up the fabric and my case was done in few hours!blog2M10A5map2These book holders are a house warming gift from my boyfriend’s sister. They look exactly like Max!A18Yesterday I got these two little roses that are so so cute! However, I can’t put them on my favorite place, because Max is always sniffing to them and tries to chew them. A14 A13 A12

The beast walk

It is about time I would introduce you THE BEAST. He is an English Bulldog and his name is MAXIMUS, but we call him shortly MAX. He is a really lazy boy that loves naps and hates long walks. Luckily for him, there are not many dog friendly places in our neighborhood. Recently, we discovered a park that is really close to the place where we live. Max really enjoys going there, because it is not far for him and he can hang out there with new friends. It it very lovely place on the Embarcadero, at the Pier 27 with a beautiful view of Financial District and Coit Tower.

The weather in San Francisco has been amazing, since I moved here at the beginning of September. I was expecting the weather to be jacket, coats and boots alike, but I haven’t wear any of these stuff yet. I like to wear easy, simple and comfy cloths. I have bunch of heels in my closet, but you can find me wearing them very occasionally. I am more like a sneakers girl, so far.

When I take Max for walks, I usually pick up some comfy pieces like leggings and simple shirts. I always have a light cardigan on hand to throw over me when it gets a little chilly in the late afternoon.  I paired my outfit with a Kate Spade simple black cross body that fits perfect to every look and with my favorite super comfy Steve Madden slip ons. And as you can tell, this season I am all about the hats! Oh and I can’t forget about my new bracelet that I got recently in Urban Outfitters. How cute is that?!

Shirt and leggings – ZARA, cardigan- H&M, bag – Kate Spade, hat – Urban Outfitters, shoes – Steve Madden

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Embarcadero ride

When I woke up today, it was rainy and gloomy outside. I was a little bit disappointed because  I was looking forward to a nice bike ride that is my weekend activity. Fortunately, the weather got better soon as it is usual here in San Francisco so I took my bike and went to my favorite biking place, the Embarcadero. This place is perfect for a bike ride. It is flat, not hilly as other parts of San Francisco.

I have to say I love my bike. When I moved to San Francisco, I got this beautiful bike that I wanted for very long time. It is a PUBLIC bike, which is a San Francisco based company. It is a single-speed bike that is a perfect choice for a flat area. However, I have to admit that this bike is not suited for the hills in San Francisco.

I opted for a casual comfy look for an easy bike ride. Recently I really enjoy wearing stuff with prints, like this poncho/ scarf that I got in Urban Outfitters. I haven’t been shopping in this store before I moved to San Francisco, but I have to say you can find there some really nice pieces! I love wearing all the types of hats! They are fun and add the look a little bit of glamour!

Shirt and jeans – Zara, hat – H&M, Poncho – Urban Outfitters

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