Autumn in Cali

November is here and it still doesn’t feel like that. I come from central Europe where November is super cold, gloomy and rainy. Everyday when I wake up I am expecting the weather to be like that but it is still so warm and sunny here. I have to admit that sometimes I miss those days when you just wanna stay home and stay cozy under a blanket.

I have been craving this poncho slash cardigan for very long time. Every time I went to Urban Outfitters I tried it but never was sure if I should get it. It is unisex size that seemed to  me to be too long for my body height. However, after long time of hesitating and online researching, I decided to buy it. And I am glad I did! Currently, I am all about ponchos, oversized sweaters, big scarfs,  hats and boots.

Every time when I find a store that I really like, I am addicted to its website and I wanna buy like all the products they have. However, with my budget, I have to be very convinced that I love the piece that I want to buy. Nowadays, I am searching through Urban Outfitters and Free people website like all the time. Urban Outfitters is a little bit cheaper option to Free people, but the pieces from Free people are so unique and interesting. I wish there was a Free people store in San Francisco. It is very hard to pick the right pieces from their website. Their products are kinda expensive so I really want to go right with my purchase.

Since I got my Luis Vuitton bag this summer, I don’t wear any other. It was a graduation present from my parents that they brought me from Venice. When I saw the box from the bag I  started freaking out. I was crying from happiness and was so thankful. My parents didn’t understand how anyone can be so happy from a bag, but I am sure your reaction would be the same. Also, as a graduation present  I got to choose a Pandora bracelet. I wear it only occasionally because I am so bad in fastening the bracelet. Do you have some pieces in your wardrobe that you are proud of?

P8P27  P6P31

P2P29 copyP23P13 P15 P17



7 thoughts on “Autumn in Cali

  1. Love it! Super kombinace, Luci! Tenhle styl ti fakt sedí, těším se na další takový kombinace! 🙂 Jinak ten pocit z nový LV kabelky znám! Naši mi Neverfullku taky koupili v Benátkách a já jsem si málem učurkla stěstím 😀 Je to skvělá taška, hodí se úplně ke všemu a hlavně se do ní vše vejde.. taky máš MM viď? 🙂 k naší dost podobný výšce se hodí :))


    1. Děkuju Baru 🙂 Chvála od zkušené bloggerky vždy potěší 🙂 Právě mi přijde, že takové kombinace nosím ted’ pořád a že je potřeba trochu změny 😀 Haha to je dobrá náhoda.. já z toho byla uplně hotová 🙂 jj, je to stejná velikost.. Nerada si přendávám věci z kabelky, tak mi vyhovuje, že se hodí ke všemu.. aspoň ušetřím za kabelky teď po dlouhou dobu 😀


  2. Your outfit is super cute. San Fran seems to suite you perfectly. I like the clothes at Free People… You might try Marshells , they carry their clothes. 😊


    1. Thank you Delilah ❤ Haha yes, I love it here!! You actually was the first one who brought me to their store in Phoenix! We don't have Free People in Europe! Ohh really? I am def gonna check that out! 🙂


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