Hunter Boots

I have been wanting these Hunter boots for ever! When I got 10% discount from Urban Outfitters, I definitely had to use it! Urban Outfitters carry the Hunter boots so this was a clear choice for me! I ordered them and was looking forward to wear them so much! After the day they  arrived it started raining here in San Francisco so I could wear them right away! It was raining for few days so they came really at the right time.

This week it was rainy and gloomy outside and I really wanted just to stay home in a warm place. However, I have to work on many final projects and we are having team meetings like every day. I can’t believe that it is gonna Christmas so soon! Time is running so fast since I came to San Francisco. I booked the flight ticket this week to go back home for Christmas. The prices of flights are so expensive.. but I am excited to spend holidays with my family. I hope there is gonna be snow in my country! That makes Christmas so magic!

I will try to be more active on my blog, but school keeps me very busy lately. I am excited for this upcoming week! My boyfriend’s parents are coming to the town and I am gonna be helping cooking Thanksgiving dinner! It will be my first proper Thanksgiving! Can’t wait for that! Do you have some exciting plans for Thanksgiving?

Wearing: Hunter Boots / Sincerely Jules Sweatshirt / Zara jacket

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4 thoughts on “Hunter Boots

  1. I’ve been wanting Hunter boots for so long but also still waiting for a good deal/excuse that “now!” is the time to buy them, it feels like it’s always during the summer and then I can’t justify it hahah but hoping Black Friday is the time. Loveeee that first photo, Hunter should steal it as an ad haha Max is so cute!


    1. Yes I was the same! Fingers crossed for Black Friday sale! Hope you find some good one 🙂 Hunter actually commented on my tweet and Nordstrom want to put this picture on their social media! It is exciting! 🙂


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