San Francisco Bulldog Meetup

Here are the pictures from the San Francisco English Bulldog Meet up at Crissy Field in San Francisco. I loved all the bulldogs there, they were so so cute! It was a little bit hard do take the pictures, because all the bulldogs were so busy to pose!  You can expect another post tomorrow!

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Bulldog’s love

I love all kinds of dogs but since I met Max, I fell in love with the bulldog’s breed. I never met a bulldog for about 22 years of my life. I just saw one on the TV show Jake and the Fatman or on the picture next to Winston Churchill. So when my boyfriend told me he got a puppy of an English bulldog I was like WHAT? However, since I met Max, my point of view changed. Here are some points that make bulldogs so special:

Walking. Max doesn’t enjoy going for long walks. In the morning, he just pees on a tree next to our place and right after he is hurrying back home. In the afternoon we take him to a grassy area in our neighborhood. And again.. after he is done he is almost running back home because he knows he will get a snack. So basically, walking a bulldog will take you only 15 minutes of your time.

Sleeping. Bulldogs love taking naps. Max spends like 60% of his day sleeping. In the time between naps he watches me in the kitchen when I cook and hopes that something falls to the floor. At night, after all day of sleeping he wakes up to his playful “beast “ mood that is sometimes annoying. But it doesn’t take too long till he falls asleep again.

Snoring. Yes, Max snores. Sometimes it is so laud that you think he is sleeping right next to you, but in fact he sleeps in the other room. If it is not bearable, I have to go shake with him and he stops or turns to different, less annoying sound. He is literally like a human.

Eating. Max loves to eat. If you say a word “snackie” in front of him, he gets totally crazy and won’t stop till he gets one. When we eat, he turns into a white shark. He is always around and tries very hard to get a bite too.

Care. Bulldogs have a lot of skin problems because of their wrinkles. I have to clean Max’s wrinkles everyday with baby wipes. He is not enjoying it much, but he got used to it already. He knows, that he gets a snackie after.

 Living with a bulldog is funny. Max wants to do everything that people do. He has to be every time and everywhere around. It is sometimes hard to explain him that he is a dog and he can’t eat our food, sleep in the bed and be on the couch. It is hard especially because he is looking so cute and innocent at you. And also, he gives the best Eskimo kisses!

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