Saturday in Marina

Saturday was a great day. We went to our second monthly English bulldog meet up at Crissy Field. This time it was sunny and just a little windy in comparison to the last time. We arrived a little bit late and didn’t get to see all 44 bulldogs that were attending the event. But still, it was so much fun! Who doesn’t love cuddling with puppies?? And especially with bulldog puppies? That’s heaven for me!

I love the Marina neighborhood, where is the Crissy Field located. On the beach and the grassy area there are dogs everywhere! Is it a great place to hang out for all dog lovers. If it wasn’t kinda far from our place, I would be there every day. It is also great place for jogging or bike riding. There are many people working out and you really can see that San Francisco is a city of a healthy lifestyle.

After the meet up we went to the Chestnut Street to get a late lunch. We walked through a beautiful neighborhood where I could definitely imagine myself to live. It was very clean, with very lovely houses and close to the Crissy Field. It was my first time at Chestnut Street and I have to say I was in awe! Such a lively place with bars, restaurants, cupcakes places and cute little shops. We stopped in a grooming place to get Max’s nails clipped. They had a bulldog in the shopping window waiting to get picked by his owner. I really don’t know how I felt about seeing that dog like that. I felt kinda sad for him even though he was just waiting there. I guess it is normal here  in America, but definitely something you don’t see much in Europe!

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