Happy home

Finding a nice, price affordable and dog friendly apartment in San Francisco is very challenging. When I first saw the advertisement of our place, I wasn’t thrilled about it at all. The apartment set up was nothing I have imagined and the furniture was super old and ugly. However, the location was amazing and the price was kinda okay for San Francisco. Luckily the landlord took all the stuff away and I was able to decorate the place by myself.

As a student, my budget was limited but I still wanted to make my new home a nice place. Most of the furniture and home accessories we got in IKEA, of course! It has been long hours picking up the right pieces and matching it all together. Also, we went to Marshalls to get some home stuff like pictures, throws and kitchen stuff . I have been looking for chevron pillow covers everywhere and finally found bunch of them on ETSY.com.

Before I came to San Francisco, I spent some time in Phoenix with my boyfriend’s family. Me and his super talented mom were working on some DIY projects. We painted the birch stool from IKEA yellow and it looks so adorable now! Also, we took old bar stools, cut them, painted and made little cute table and nightstands. To get stuff for wall decoration, we went to the Hooby Lobby. It is huge store with all the stuff for DIY. We bought some fabric that we put into the frames from IKEA. I am proud of the decoration that hangs over the table. I painted the cork panels, put fabric on them and made this way a pin board.

Recently, I came across with a scratching wold map that I thought would be a perfect present for my boyfriend, because he loves traveling as much as I do. It is fun to scratch and to see all the countries that you have been to.  It also looks really good on the wall!





A6I love my computer case that my boyfriend’s mom made for me! I found similar items on ETSY.com but they were like 40$. I just picked up the fabric and my case was done in few hours!blog2M10A5map2These book holders are a house warming gift from my boyfriend’s sister. They look exactly like Max!A18Yesterday I got these two little roses that are so so cute! However, I can’t put them on my favorite place, because Max is always sniffing to them and tries to chew them. A14 A13 A12